DV Lottery Benefits

DV Lottery Benefits

What are the DV Lottery Benefits ?

There are many DV lottery benefits related to becoming a Green card visa holder through the American Visa Diversity Program more commonly known as the DV lottery. It is actually a very flexible form of Permanent Residency that will benefit not just yourself, but your whole family.  

  • You can enter and leave the USA anytime to Live,Work, Study, Start a business or just retire, there are no restrictions on how you should live your life and no geographical limitations on where you can live or work.
  • You have virtually all the same rights as an American citizen and the best part is, that you are still entitled to retain your native Country's citizenship
  • You will not be expected to renounce your existing citizenship in exchange for a green card. You are welcome to retain your own citizenship for as long as you see fit.

You can enjoy the best of both Worlds

  • After you have been a permanent U.S. resident for 5 years you can even apply for U.S. citizenship, or you can continue to live in the U.S. as a Green Card holder for as long as you wish. The decision is entirely yours.

Get Permanent Residency in the US?

  • DV Lottery benefits mean that firstly, you can live and work in the USA without any restrictions on your status and enjoy all the benefits afforded to any American Citizen.
  • As a Green Card holder, you could choose to improve yourself and study paying the same tuition fees as an American citizen which amazingly could be up to half the tuition fees paid by a foreign student on a F-1 Student Visa, which in itself is now very difficult and expensive to obtain.
  • Obtaining a USA Work permit to live and Work in the USA is now so difficult that even if you went to College in the USA on a Student Visa, it is now virtually impossible to change your visa status to get a work permit after graduation!
  • As a Green Card Permanent resident you have the same work opportunities, rights and entitlements as any American Citizen.

Are you Ready for the Best Part of all the DV Lottery Benefits?

  • You may start up or expand your own Business in the USA without any Visa specifications and investment requirements.
  • So what about the most important people in your Life - Can they come too?
  • The good news is that your spouse and all your children under 21 yrs will automatically be entitled to a Green Card as well.
  • Your children will be entitled to attend a school or College of your choice and will even qualify for Scholarships as well.
  • Your Spouse can also work without restriction or limitation allowing you and your family to enjoy the benefits of everything that the USA has to offer.

Can you see just how fantastic a deal these DV Lottery benefits offer you?

  • Think about it, most countries around the world don't even come close to offering ordinary people such a fantastic Permanent Visa opportunity.
  • This is one of the most easiest, quickest and cheapest methods of obtaining Permanent Residency status in the USA.

Formula for Success

It's a 'no brainer' making the decision to take advantage of all these DV lottery benefits and to get started and apply right away.

The key to success is that you remain informed and understand how to apply.


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