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There are many benefits related to becoming a Green card visa holder through the American Visa Diversity Program (DV Lottery). It is actually a very flexible form of Permanent Residency that will benefit not just yourself, but your whole family.

What is the Green Card DV Lottery?

What is an American Green Card?

Who is Eligible to apply for the Green Card Lottery?

What are the education or work experience requirements?

Why are some countries excluded from the Visa Diversity Program and which Countries are they?

If you were born in an excluded country & not eligible by birth is there any other way to enter the Diversity Program?

How many entries are allowed?

Are both husbands and wives each able to submit a separate application?

How long do you remain entitled to apply for Visas in the DV-2021 category?

Do you have to re-apply every year for the lottery to be considered?

May someone else act on behalf of an applicant?

How old should you be to apply for the DV lottery?

How is the Green Card Visa Lottery run?

How do the Visas get apportioned?

Is there another way to enter via mail?

If you win, how are you informed and what do you do?

Can registered applicants adjust their status with the INS?

Why is this year's DV lottery called DV-2021?

What number of applicants will be registered?

If you reside in the USA are you still eligible to apply?

Can green card visa lottery applicants apply for a waiver on any of the grounds of visa ineligibility?

Can you still apply if you are already registered for an immigrant visa in another Category?

What are the possibilities of winning?

Where does the Lottery take place?

Deadline - When should I apply?

Why do you offer this service?


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