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Lottery2usa is the best advisory and intermediary non-governmental submission agency operational worldwide. Established since 1998, Lottery2usa will ensure you get your US Greencard DV lottery entry submission right.  

Here is how we help:

Whether it's through the convenience of getting registered via the internet or through the post, thousands have chosen to use our longstanding services for the past 22 years, with the reassurance and peace of mind that their entry to this year's DV lottery program is in safe hands.

This year 2020, like all the previous years, Lottery2usa will be helping thousands of customers like yourself live their DREAM, so that you can offer your family a higher standard of living by getting registered with this year's DV-2022.

We show you how our service works

From the moment we receive applications or online submission, we email our clients to confirm that their application form and payment have been received at our offices and are being processed.

Protecting your interests

Lottery2usa ensures every application is screened for errors and that everything has been completed correctly and we automatically notify clients if we spot any errors or mistakes that would jeopardize their entry. Many clients have appreciated this level of service in the previous year's - as you can appreciate, you only have ONE chance – so we help you get it right!

Peace of mind

From uploading your photographs in the correct format to double checking omissions, we make sure all the other DV2022 requirements are carried out on our client's behalf, so they do not have to worry about doing anything wrong.

Processing your entry

Once your application has been received, processed and double checked for any errors and given the 'green light', we shall email you to let you know.  If we spot any problems or issues we shall contact you immediately to clarify either missing or incorrect information.  

Keeping you informed

We shall also email to confirm with your dv lottery entry submission and give you your submission number. We will also keep you updated or answer any queries you may have, whilst you await your dv lottery results, which you can check for yourself online.

Reliability we go the extra mile

We are available to assist you every step of the way and to ensure your entry will be submitted with the need to worry about whether or not, you got it right.

  • We will confirm your eligibility to enter the DV Lottery program.
  • Supplying all necessary documentation plus an accurate green card dv lottery application or online submission form.
  • We professionally pre-screen and verify all documentation we receive, to ensure it is correct and ready for EDV submission
  • We give you the facts to ensure your submission adheres to all US Government submission standards and guidelines.
  • Our professional service takes away your headaches by ensuring your DV Lottery submission gets accepted, rather than disqualified or rejected!
  • Send regular confirmations and updates for added security and peace of mind.
  • Stay in touch via regular newsletters and podcasts
  • Open for business all year round and not just a 'fly-by-night' seasonal service – avoid those types of Agencies!

We provide all the above and leave no stone unturned with the service we offer you because we have the FACTS….

RECORDS FROM THE US STATE DEPARTMENT SHOW that out of all entries submitted for the previous DV program, 2.4 million applications were immediately disqualified for failing to properly follow and adhere to DV lottery instructions. This left approximately 3.4 million qualified entries to go forward for the draw. In other words 41. 38% of all applications were either rejected or disqualified before the draw. We make sure all our client's applications are accepted for the draw and not rejected!


This is why thousands utilize our wealth of experience for a nominal fee, to enjoy peace of mind, convenience and to make the most with this once in a lifetime opportunity!


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